How To Register As a Chapter Member

  • -If you are not already a PASS member, register for free using the "Register" link at the top of this page.
  • -Once you are a member, go to the chapter search page at
  • -In the keyword box type "Lynchburg" and click Search.
  • -You will see our chapter listed as "Lynchburg SQL Server Users Group" with the location of "Lynchburg, Virginia, United States".
  • -Click "Register to Join".

Finding Us




  • -Follow your favorite maps service/app to 1 Mountain View Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24514. This should bring you in front of the building Green Hall.
  • -At the 4-way stop near the TRBC entrance (marked with the address above) follow the road down hill and around by the railroad tracks as marked by the yellow dotted lines on the map.
    Note: It would seem faster to keep going down Mountain View Rd that runs alongside the building. Don’t take this route. There is a locked gate at the end and it can be difficult to turn around. There is another locked gate separating the large parking lot below there.
  • -Feel free to park in any spots, even those marked as carpool. After 5pm they are open to anyone.
  • -There are stairways leading up to the Green Hall entrance from each of the parking lots.

Directions to GH 1553B from the Green Hall entrance:

  • -Enter the main lobby and walk straight ahead.
  • -The receptionist desk is on your left. Keep walking past it and 1553B will be the very next door you encounter on the left.
    Note: Watch for signs. They should be posted on the front doors, the hallway posts, as well as the door of 1553B.

Directions to GH 1553B from the TRBC entrance:

  • -After entering the TRBC entrance walk straight ahead through the large lobby we call “Main Street”.
  • -You will encounter the Lion and Lamb coffee shop on the left. Keep walking past it.
  • -Kids’ Cove play area and a playground will be on your left. Walk past both of these, down the stairs, and through the double doors. Keep going.
  • -This hallway will take you by the Early Learning Center and LCA cafeteria. Keep going past both of these and go through the large black double doors located to the left of the cafeteria at the end of the hall.
  • -The indoor track will be on your left. Keep walking past almost the entire track. On your right a large hallway will open up. This is the main lobby hallway. Take a right here.
  • -Walk until you’re almost at the front doors. On the right side of the hallway, just before you get to the receptionist desk, you will encounter 1553B.
    Note: Watch for signs. There will be Lynchburg PASS signs posted periodically along the way.